Friday, 24 February 2012

Model Pose Pack

Today I have my first pose pack! It's really just a pretty simple pose pack for you all. The pack consists of 6 poses. 5 new ones plus the one from yesterday, just to make things easier. (incase you already have the pose from the previous post just delete it, it will save you space in the long run!). Again, these poses were based/inspired from several pose packs of Second life, who knew their poses would be so cute?! Some of the hands/finger placements might look odd or glitchy depending on the kind of clothes your sim in wearing but its nothing that turning the camera angle or a little editing on PS can't fix!


Model is Aleesa Vermot by Me.
Hair is by Newsea TSR
Top is Pets EP
Snakebites is by IN3S
Shorts is by Ekinege TSR
Boots w/Stocking is by Simsimay TSR 
 The pose is already added to the poselist so no need to type in anything! Thumbnail should look as below:

Enjoy! <3 

Mz <3